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Diablo 4 Dev confirms that if hardcore players die in PvP, they die forever

Hardcore mode is a long-standing Diablo tradition from Diablo II, challenging players to the possibility of permanent death. But what if your hardcore character stumbles across one of Diablo IV’s Fields of Hatred? Well, watch your back.

When asked if there were consequences for Hardcore characters dying in Diablo IV PvP, Blizzard community director Adam Fletcher simply said, “Permadeath.”

In other words, it’s time to roll out a new character.

Heavy players will want to track their moves afterwards, as the Fields of Hatred can be included at will in the open world of Diablo IV. There, the player can collect Hate Pieces by killing other players as well as monsters. These regions also have special vendors that serve as an even further allure to test your strength in one of Diablo IV’s PvP zones.

However, for the daring, there is the Fearless Warrior achievement, which can only be earned by killing 10 PvP in Hardcore Mode. Otherwise, you can avoid the Fields of Hatred altogether, which may be the more cautious route unless you become particularly strong.

In the meantime, fans will get to try out Diablo IV one more time before launch as part of an upcoming “server slam”. Slam server, designed to Diablo IV’s server stress test before launch, will include various changes from previous beta tests. It will start at 12 noon PST Friday and end at 12 noon PST Sunday.

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