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Destiny 2 season tickets will cost more starting season 21

Starting with Destiny 2’s upcoming season, Season of the Deep, the game’s stand-alone season tickets will get a slight price increase. The price is increasing from 1,000 Silver ($10) to 1,200 Silver ($12). The seasonal pass package, which grants players an additional ten tiers when purchased, is also undergoing a price adjustment, increasing from 2,000 Silver ($20) to 2,200 Silver ($22).

This price change will not affect players buying light, which provides access to the current section at the time of sale. Also, it won’t change the price of the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition, which offers a seasonal pass for Seasons 20-23. Bungie also announced that they are looking at “new approaches” to post-launch content for the year of The Final Shape.

The price change is just one part of a series of recent announcements regarding the future of Destiny 2. We got our first look at Season 21: Season of the Abyss. Bungie will not increase the power limit like previous seasons have done and will have the fewest drop-off artifacts. However, some weekly challenges will now reward powerful Exotic engravings. Season of the Deep will also provide new yarn aspects and many upgrades for Supers. Also, older raid exceptions are easier to obtain. This new season and price changes will launch on May 23.

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