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Derek Jeter welcomes the world’s first ‘Lil Man’ to the world

Derek jet is a father of four! And a being a father for the first time after the unexpected birth of a son last week!

Derek Jeter has a full house

Derek Jeter is seen coming to the Today Show

The retired baseball player shared the exciting news on Twitter that his wife of 8 years, Hannah Jeter, has secretly welcomed another cub into their pack! He wrote, “Kaius Green Jeter 5-5-23.”

The boy is with his sisters Bella, 5, Story, 4, and River Rose, 17 months. Fans don’t know that Hannah is pregnant again and they don’t reveal why they keep the news low when they’re not pregnant again.

Derek Jeter welcomes the world's first 'Lil Man' to the world
Twitter/Derek Jeter

Regardless, the little guy is here to stay and fans are anxiously awaiting photos of Jeter’s first son. Jeter and Hannah don’t often appear in public with their children, so who knows when we’ll get a shot of him?

The last time fans saw the girls in public was in 202 when their father was inducted into the New York Yankees Hall of Fame. Hanna was pregnant with River at the time.

Derek Jeter & Hannah Jeter have 10 years

Derek Jeter welcomes the world's first 'Lil Man' to the world

The couple married in 2016 after Jeter proposed in 2015. But they met and started dating in 2012. Not long after the marriage, the couple welcomed daughter Bella in 2017; next story, and in 2021, sweet River Rose.

The family is expanding rapidly! Fans were extremely excited and shocked when Jeter became a father of four in an instant. “2041 Yankee,” one hopeful follower wrote.

American Parents make sure the two are ready for another. “#parentslove suits you two so well and you practiced a lot! Practice brings excellence, practice and a loving heart! We are honored to follow our parents.”

“YES! HAVE! Congratulations Cap. We’ve come a short way after 21 years! wrote another baseball fan. “I’m picking him for my fantasy team right now,” another joked.

‘Insomnia’ Dad, Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter welcomes the world's first 'Lil Man' to the world
Instagram/Derek Jeter

The athlete made it clear by changing his Twitter profile to “Dad of four with insomnia” that he got it. When he retired in February, he committed to being the best father to his daughter.

He shares photos of himself playing with his three daughters in the backyard. “How do you stop time??” he asks his followers about the growth rate of his kids. When he talks about his kids, he says it’s chaos.

“It was chaos under control. It is the transportation of students; they did my nails, pedicures, makeup and lipstick for me. Still, it’s the best thing I’ve ever been through, my girls, they’re the best,” he mused during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Hannah shared the same message of baby Kaius news on her Instagram, but aside from that, she kept quiet about her latest release.

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