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Derek Hough wasn’t ‘surprised’ when ‘DWTS’ let Tyra Banks go

Julianne Hough will return to the ballroom and replace Bank Tyra as a co-host on “Dancing with the Stars”.

Alfonso Ribeiro will return as co-host alongside the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant, while her brother, Derek Houghwill return to the judging table with Carrie Ann Inaba And Bruno Tonioli.

Now, her brother and the show’s judge, Derek Hough, is speaking out – admitting he wasn’t “surprised” when the news broke.

Derek Hough On Tyra Banks Leaves “Dancing With the Stars”

Derek Hough wasn't 'surprised' that 'DWTS' let Tyra Banks host

Derek Hough, who is thrilled to have his sister back in the ballroom as the new co-host, recently admitted he wasn’t “surprised” when the ABC reality show made the decision intended to let Tyra Banks go.

“I wouldn’t say that’s surprising,” said Hough us weekly. “She has a lot on her plate and a lot going on in her future. She is someone who will always work and will always be an entrepreneur and always creates opportunities. And she is a powerhouse.

He went on to say, “Tyra is unbelievably graceful – like really, really, graceful, and I have to give her absolute props. She just sent Julianne the most beautiful message, and I am truly grateful to her for her grace.”

Julianne Hough is set to take on the role of co-host with “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor Alfonso Ribeiro. Hough has experience beyond being a professional dancer on the show as she was a judge from 2014-2017. She also returns as a guest judge on the show in 2021. She also has TV presenter experience as over the past few years she and her brother Derek Hough have hosted the special. special “The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration”.

When it comes to her sister taking on the role of presenter, Derek Hough has no doubt that she is the “right choice”.

“She was a great host,” he continued about his sister. “You know, we put on Disney specials together and she was amazing. She also happens to be a great dancer, singer and everything else, but… she’s part of the show and she knows the show and she’s part of the show. [DWTS] family.”

Tyra Banks Bless Juliane Hough

Derek Hough wasn't 'surprised' that 'DWTS' let Tyra Banks host

Bank Tyra it was she who approved Julianne Hough to be the co-host of the new show “Dancing With The Stars” after leaving the reality show. The supermodel and TV personality recently revealed that she will be leaving ‘DWTS’ to focus on her business and business interests.

“The businesswoman in me sees how amazing Julianne is on so many levels,” she said America weekly after the news broke. “She is a perfect choice! She will crush it!”

Banks emphasize other qualities about the 34-year-old man which makes her a good fit. She notes that Hough is a professional dancer and is the sibling of “DWTS” “multi-champion” and “excellent judge,” Derek Hough. While referring to the siblings, Banks said, “It’s going to be a ballroom family affair that everyone will love to see.”

Julianne Hough speaks out

Derek Hough Comments on His Sister Joining the Show

Shortly after the news broke, Julianne Hough spoke out about her new role with “Dancing With the Stars,” speak “It’s an honor to rejoin ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as a co-host. The show holds a special place in my heart after so many years and the various roles I have had the honor to play.”

She continued, “The incredible team that brings the ballroom to life every night has been my family for the past 17 years. I’m so excited to be reunited with Alfonso, Carrie Ann, Bruno, Derek, the incredibly talented professionals and amazing cast on the dance floor.”

“Dancing with the Stars” will return to Disney+ in the fall.

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