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DeMar DeRozan’s Daughter is the Bulls’ Boot Game MVP!

Screams resounded throughout the arena.

The Chicago Bulls have an unlikely MVP for Wednesday night’s play-in against the Toronto Raptors, and she’s only 9 years old. The star player, DeMar DeRozan’s daughter, Diar, devoted herself to ensuring her father’s team won the game by shouting loudly every time the Raptors were at the free-throw line. And boy, that worked out when the Bulls won 109-105.

Diar DeRozan is the MVP of the Bulls Wednesday Night Vs. raptor game

DeMar and Diar DeRozan

Every time one of the Raptors players approached the free-throw line, a very calculated Diar would let out a creepy scream to distract the player from taking the shot, and it worked!

She yelled 36 times and they missed 18 free throws, the team’s most missed free throws in any game since February 1997, according to ESPN.

Every time a Raptors player reaches the line, a shout can be heard. After determining that she was the one behind the scream, the sports broadcasters burst into laughter. One sports broadcaster even said that she was “very strategic about her screaming.”

In a post-match interview, the former Toronto international spoke about Diar and her attendance at the game.

“My daughter called me the other day when she was leaving school and she said, you know, she said, ‘Daddy can I come watch the game in Toronto?’” he said. She told him that she remembers going to all the games in Toronto when she was little.

“And I almost said no because she was homeschooling. She kept asking, she was just adamant about supporting, and I just said you can take a day off school and you know come watch a game and I’m glad I did. I definitely owe her some money.”

DeRozan explained that he initially heard the screams but didn’t realize it was his daughter behind the screaming mastermind.

She went viral. I didn’t let it seep in,” he told reporters. “I kept hearing something and there was a free throw and someone missed and I looked back and was like, ‘Damn, is that my daughter screaming?

The internet talked a lot about Diar’s MVP performance on TikTok. In the comment section of Bleaching ReportIn her videos, she is referred to as the “defensive player of the game.”

“The kid came up with a game plan and it worked,” one person wrote. Another added, “Bulls have to give her a contract.”

Diar DeRozan

Another pointed out that taking a day off from school benefits the Bulls. “One day missed and 18 free throws missed.”

GAME also shared a video revealing who was behind the shouting match on TikTok. The video has received more than 3 million views and 2,300 comments. watch video THIS.

“The Bulls’ best defender tonight,” one fan wrote in the comments section. “She’s doing the Bulls comeback,” another said.

DeMar DeRozan Says His Daughter Won’t Attend Friday’s Match

Diar DeRozan

Despite her pivotal role in the Bulls winning the game and being billed as the “DeMVP” of the game, DeRozan said Diar will not be attending the next game in Florida on Friday night.

“She has to go back to school,” he said.

His team certainly disagreed with his decision tweet,”To Diar DeRozan’s teacher: can we please request that Diar be excused from school on Fridays.”

The Bulls will face the Heat Friday night in Florida for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference and take on the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the knockout stages.

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