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Dell Technologies and NVIDIA Introduce Project Helix for AI Secure In-Place Creation

Las Vegas (USA) Dell Technologies and NVIDIA announced a joint initiative to make it easier for businesses to build and use on-premises generic AI models to deliver better customer service, through Market information, business search and more quickly and securely.

Called Project Helix, the initiative will deliver a comprehensive range of solutions with technical expertise and pre-built tools based on Dell and NVIDIA software and infrastructure. It includes a complete blueprint to help businesses use their proprietary data and easily deploy generalized AI more accurately and responsibly.

“Project Helix gives businesses purpose-built AI models to derive value faster and more securely from Huge amounts of data are underutilized today. He added: “With an efficient and highly scalable infrastructure, businesses can create a new wave of innovative AI solutions that can reinvent their industry.

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA Founder and CEO said: “We are at a historic moment, when incredible advances in general artificial intelligence are intersecting with enterprise needs to Do more for less. He added: “With Dell Technologies, we have designed an extremely scalable, highly efficient infrastructure that allows businesses to transform their business using their own data. a secure way to build and operate generic AI applications.

(This reporter is in Las Vegas attending the Dell Technologies World conference at the invitation of Dell Technologies.)

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