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David & Victoria Beckham Wear their dance shoes for the Salsa

The Beckhams are dancing on the dance floor! Ssince launching their relationship in the ’90s, David & Victoria Beckham hailed as Britain’s power couple.

For more than two decades, this iconic couple has remained a united front, winning the hearts of fans as the “goal of the relationship”. This dynamic duo often shows their affection for each other on social networks, giving the public a glimpse of the activities that keep their love burning.

For their latest adventure, the couple adopted Latin culture.

David & Victoria Beckham Wear dancing shoes for fun Salsa lessons with their youngest child

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham at The Fashion Awards 2018

In a recent time Instagram Reel, the former English footballer and his beautiful wife enjoyed a dance class with their youngest child, daughter Harper Seven. The video captures the trio walking down a parking lot, preparing for their salsa experience.

The former Spice Girls member filmed the intro, telling viewers that the family would be playing salsa. Harper was quickly caught on camera before Victoria focused her attention on her husband.

“David is warming up in the parking lot,” the fashion designer announced, showing the 47-year-old practicing his dance moves. Posh Spice then shows off some hip wiggles before the video moves to the dance studio.

Inside, the establishment radiates Latin energy with salsa music and multicolored lights. Still filming, Victoria admits she can’t wait to see her husband perform sexy dance moves.

Turning the camera on the tattooed heart fan, who looked uncertain about his movements as he wiggled his hips, trying to loosen up his muscles. Looking at him worried, the media couldn’t help but tease the former athlete.

“How do you feel?” she asked the UNICEF ambassador, and he replied, “This one down here is great (gesture below his waist), but this one up here feels a bit tight (gesture on the waist). his).” Tackling his stiffness, Victoria said, “Are you struggling to relax?… Are you struggling?” Laughing at her taunts, David confessed, “A little.”

After their playful banter, the duo turned harsh as they matched all-black ensembles on the dance floor. The fashion icon teamed the body-hugging outfit with black heels, noting that her family was “embarrassed” when she chose heels for the class.

Her husband, on the other hand, completed his look with white sneakers, a more appropriate option for salsa beginners. Although new to the profession, the president of Inter Miami CF still closely follows the every move of his talented wife.

The dynamic duo effortlessly performed the salsa dance guided by the instructor’s voice in the background. After their amazing choreography, the couple congratulated each other with a warm hug when someone, presumably Harper, clapped their hands in praise.

The father-of-four captioned the sweet clip in Spanish and joked about the tour with Latin superstar Marc Anthony. The translated message read: “Salsa lesson @victoriabeckham @bailaconmicho Number one @marcanthony let’s go sightseeing.”

Impressed with the couple’s latest adventure, fans and other celebrities have supported them in the comments. Micho Valdes, the duo’s salsa instructor wrote: “Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you, you guys are amazing.”

David replied in Spanish, promising to work on and improve on lesson two. Marvel star Jeremy Renner noted that he loved the video for “many reasons,” while Cuban singer Leoni Torres spoke in Spanish about the couple’s amazing habit of listening to his music.

Academy founder David Beckham sings for his wife on Mother’s Day

Last month, the explosion reported that the former English footballer Shower your wife with love on Mother’s Day. In honor of the occasion, the media personality dropped a carousel of images on Instagram next to a poetically written message.

David and Victoria Beckham

The 47-year-old shared several photos of Victoria with their four children – Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. The slideshow also includes a treasured image of the mothers of the couple matching pants and blazers.

In his caption, the FIFA World Player of the Year award confessed that as a child, he never imagined he could have someone as loving and supportive as his mother. However, his mind changed when he met “a strong, energetic woman and the best mother to our children”.

In praise of his wife, the Officer of the Order of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) listed the best qualities of the fashion designer. He noted that the 48-year-old has inspired their children and kept them strong while filling their lives with unconditional love.

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