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David Lowery promises that Peter Pan and Wendy are not as dark as they seem

Lowery is serving Disney here, but they’ve clearly given the indie director of “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” and “A Ghost Story” quite a bit of time to make the property their own. The London scene in the trailer is sparkling and magical, while Neverland is full of earth tones. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but there was an immediate reaction to marketing materials from fans of Pan who grew up on the Disney and Spielberg animated films. Colorful “Hook”.

Lowery knows what the skeptics are thinking, and he wants them to know that his movie isn’t a dull reboot of a popular series. In an interview with SFXLowery assures viewers that his film is “an adaptation of all the best parts of that movie, with lots of intervention and revival.”

Of course, the film will steer clear of the culturally insensitive depiction of the horribly named “Piccaninny” tribe. Lowery has also expanded the ranks of the Lost Boys to include people of the other gender!

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