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Danny Elfman Promises Michael Keaton Will Look ‘150’ Years Old Again In Beetlejuice 2

Listen, we’re all excited by Michael Keaton returns as Batman in “The Flash.” For certain generations of movie geeks, that 1989 “Batman” movie was conceived and Keaton became an icon in that role, despite fan outcry when” Mr. Mom” ​​was cast as the Caped Crusader. You’ll notice those people go silent very quickly after the movie comes out.

Either way, I’m joining all of my excited computer geeks in waiting for The Bat’s return, but honestly, believe Keaton is back with a sequel to The Bat. “Beetlejuice” got me even more excited.

Tim Burton’s original “Beetlejuice” was the cornerstone movie for my childhood and the one that remains Tim Burton’s top film. It’s a perfect Burton film that has all his distinct style without completely overpowering the story.

Today’s Tim Burton isn’t as hungry as the man who made the first film, but Keaton’s return sows chaos as the most powerful specter on Tim Burton’s certainly surreal setting. get me excited.

If what Elfman is implying is true and the film starts shooting in a few months, that means we should see casting announcements soon. Maybe Ortega will flop (again, she’s just a no-brainer for this world and only worked with Burton on “Wednesday”) and maybe we’ll get some of our successors back. other excess. I’m pulling for Catherine O’Hara and Winona Ryder. Jeffrey Jones… well, you can sit out here, my friend.

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