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Danielle Ruhl Claims $50K Fine If She Leaves ‘Love Is Blind’

Love is blind“season 2 contestants” Danielle Ruhl is opening up to some of the abuse she alleges she received at the hands of the Netflix show’s producers.

Danielle is married to Nick Thompson in the show but then file for divorce and both have gone their separate ways; however, Danielle is now saying that she should never have been on the show in the first place.

Nick Thompson Danielle Ruhl

Business Insider interviewed several contestants before, including Danielle, who said she was worried about her mental health and didn’t think she could continue filming. “I kept telling them, ‘I don’t trust myself,’” she said. “’I’ve tried suicide before. I am contemplating suicide. I don’t think I can continue this job.’”

In the next two videos posted to Instagram, Danielle candidly talks about her experience and will be fined $50,000 if she leaves the show.

Danielle Ruhl Claims $50k Fine For Leaving ‘Love Is Blind’ & Alleged They Used Her Mental Health Test Against Her

Capturing her post with the hashtags # #loveisblind and #loveisblindNetflix, Danielle opens her story and says she wishes she had never agreed to be on a reality show.

“In retrospect, I should never have agreed to be on a reality show. I wish I was more educated and self-aware at the time. I actually thought that because of the premise of the show, it would be different,” she said. “I am confident that the psychologists who do the 30-minute screening will not select people they consider mentally unfit. I don’t think they’ll use the information said during these screenings against you during filming because I think it’s confidential.”

“I looked into this when I learned that there was a $50,000 fine associated with leaving the show and I should have taken this matter more seriously before signing,” she said. admit. “My mental health during this experience also affected Nick. It’s really hard to navigate. Even after filming, it affected myself, my husband and the people who cared about me. I will always admit that it was a big mistake to get in and I’m still trying to find myself and who I was before filming.”

Danielle Calls Appearing on ‘Love Is Blind’ a ‘Big Mistake’

Danielle explained that she’s sharing this information so that Kinetic, the company behind the show, will learn to “better treat contestants and help viewers show favor to participants.” However, she then went on to say, “Every person’s experience is different, so I’m just speaking for myself. In my season, everyone’s experience is very different based on the producer’s level of ethics.”

Danielle previously spoke out in support of the season 2 contestants Jeremy Hartwell after him File a lawsuit against Netflix and the show’s producers, alleging that the producers “contributed to inhumane working conditions and altered mental states for the cast” through “a combination of between lack of sleep, isolation, lack of food and excessive alcohol consumption, all of which are required, permitted or encouraged” by those in power.

Danielle Ruhl from "Love is blind" season 2
Instagram / dnellruhl

In his lawsuit, Jeremy claims that the contestants were “regularly denied food both on Defendant’s set and in their hotel living quarters.” He also claimed that the sinks in the lounges on set didn’t actually work, so they had to ask the production assistants to bring them bottled water – which they did along with the alcohol.

“They would run out of food,” Danielle alleges in Business Insider’s report, adding, “I remember every time we went into the dingy kitchen, there would be a hard-boiled egg and it was like a fight. to see who can actually get the stuff.”

Danielle Ruhl has previously claimed she was denied medical treatment after ‘coughing up blood’

Danielle Ruhl declares "Love is blind" The producers left her without food and water for days
Instagram Stories | Danielle Ruhl

This isn’t the first time Danielle has spoken out about the abuse she claims she endured on set, including “coughing up blood” and being denied medical treatment.

“There were two days when they stopped providing Nick and I with food and water in Mexico (We snuck over to the neighbor’s house over the pool to get some),” Danielle alleges. “Me and Nick begged to leave Mexico because of how bad things were. I was so sick that I coughed up blood but couldn’t see a doctor.”

“People made me believe I should hate myself, and I didn’t, until they etched that into my brain,” she added. “So look what you’re seeing is a lot of people are being tortured to fit into a set narrative.”

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson
Instagram / dnellruhl

In a statement to Weekly entertainment, Kinetic Content responded to a Business Insider report saying, “The health of our participants is paramount to Kinetic.” The company added, “We have strict procedures in place to take care of each person before, during and after filming.”

Kinetic also stated that Hartwell’s allegations were “completely unfounded” and vowed to “strongly defend his claims.”

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