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Christina Hall Criticizes Comments On ‘Selling Sunset’

Christina Hall don’t be bothered by her kids calling ‘mom’!

The TV personality was asked to quell a critic’s attempt to cause trouble in the family following the release of the latest season of “Sunset sale.” As it turns out, her daughter – Taylor El Moussa – gave a speech during her stepmother Heather Rae El Moussa’s baby shower, where she called the model “the best mom” she could be. request.

The sentiment has led some, including the aforementioned reviewer, to ask Hall for her thoughts; Her reaction is everything!

Christina Hall slams critic’s attempt to start some home movies

Trouble started after the mother-of-three dropped a photo of herself and her three children – Taylor and Brayden El Moussa and Hudson London Anstead – posing in front of a mirror. The family of four smiled as Hall wrapped his arms around his middle child, Brayden, while Taylor and Hudson stood aside.

“Mom’s life = Acting as a driver for all their activities on all weekend activities… Tay “Mom, don’t wear leggings; put on your jeans” okay, Tay. Love this cute crew,” the grumpy mother wrote below the photo.

Christina Hall Criticizes Fan For Stirring Daughter's 'Best Mom' Comment on 'Semi Sunset'
Instagram | Christina Hall

Within hours, the sweet family update received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from fans, who were excited about how much Taylor resembles her mother. Others joked similarly about the warning the 12-year-old girl gave her 39-year-old mother before they stepped out of the house, with one asserting: “Yeah, they reach a certain age and everything you do puts them to shame.”

However, one is more worried about ten-year-old Heather being crowned “the best mom ever” at a baby shower led by the 35-year-old and her husband, Tarek. El Moussa, the organization, before they welcomed their first child.

The moment, which aired as part of the tenth episode of season six “Semi-Sunset,” saw Hall’s little girl speaking after Heather delivered a brief thank-you speech in front of the audience. his guest. In Taylor’s words:

“I have known you for four years now and I just want to say that you are the best mom I could ask for from anyone else. I am very excited for the baby. My dad got lucky.”

For that purpose, the critic question, “How do you feel when she says something along the lines of that Heather is the best mom she could ask for? I was hurt, and I’m not even her mother 😩 I guess I’m glad Heather is nice to her and she feels the same way, but… ah.😪😪.”

Hall was quick to reply, typing, “Oh my god, what a strange thing to say. My kids are obsessed with me, and I know it. I don’t need Taylor to announce to the world how amazing I am for me to feel confident in my role as a mother. Jealousy and envy are not in my DNA… I’m glad they love their stepmother too.”

Christina Hall Criticizes Fan For Stirring Daughter's 'Best Mom' Comment on 'Semi Sunset'
Instagram | Christina Hall

The “Flip or Flop” alumni sentiment is entirely true, as Heather regularly brags about where her stepchildren are in her life. explosion observed last November that the mother-of-one confided that they were responsible for her excitement about becoming a mother.

She did so under a post that included five photos of herself and Taylor entering the baby shower venue and hugging each other, writing: “Having Tay and Bray in my life. They melt my heart and make me want to be a mother.”

The ‘Christina In The Country’ star marked her daughter’s 12th birthday with a touching tribute.

Hall has nothing but the best words to express his love for Taylor as his 12th birthday approaches in September 2022. Per explosionThe original real estate investor used her Instagram Story to upload a single photo of the soon-to-be celebrity eating a cupcake along with the words, “Easy girl. This baby turns 12 tomorrow 🤍.”

As D-Day rolls around on September 22nd, the “Christina on the Coast” star shared multiple snaps of her oldest child, starting with one of her standing next to a colored rock. Blue is drawn with a cake and some balloons with the number ’12’ on it. Under the post, which also includes photos of the celebrant, she writes:

“Happy Birthday Taylor! time [sic] so fast, and watched her grow so much in the past year😱.”

Hall later expressed his pride that Taylor did well in school, excelled at the football club and made the right friends. She ended by admitting that she loves her daughter, whom she calls “the pretty/sweet girl,” adding, “Keep shining.”

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