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Chris Pine doesn’t think Star Trek has any business competing with Marvel

Chris Pine, who played James Tiberius Kirk in the “Star Trek” reboot timeline (better known to Trekkies as the Kelvin Timeline), has known from firsthand experience that strategy is advised to go wrong. how. “I’m not sure ‘Star Trek’ was ever built to do that kind of business,” he said Mr. in March 2023 (adopted Diversity).

From the actor’s point of view, 2013’s “Star Trek Into Darkness” remains the highest-grossing film ever with worldwide gross. 467 million USD. Star Trek Beyond needs to hit the same or higher level to justify Paramount’s spending. That was hard enough even when “Darkness” did not mark Trekkies something fierce with a blank rendition of “The Wrath of Khan”. That “Beyond” movie also unfortunately came after several summer releases that were hugely successful with both critics and general audiences (“Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Independence Day: Resurgence”) are two such examples) failed. I don’t do that either.

That is also a shame. “Beyond” was largely foretold as an admirable marriage between the optimistic and progressive sci-fi storytelling that has characterized the old-fashioned “Trek” and the more spectacle-driven approach favored by previous Kelvin Timeline films. there. If it cost half or perhaps two-thirds of what it did, it would be a financial success. Even with 2016 dollars, $110 million can still get you a sci-fi movie as visually impressive as “Passengers.” (Look — we passed the “Say something nice about ‘Passenger'” challenge without breaking a sweat!)

Instead, Paramount overspended on “Beyond,” and the film failed to recover costs, “just” earning 343 million USD. That the studio jumped the gun and announced “Star Trek 4” before the movie was released there were only more eggs on its face.

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