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Check out these fun and sexy plus size 23 swimwear!

Guys, it’s time to talk about plus size swimsuits!!! Swimsuit season is officially here! This means that in addition to stocking up on the hottest stuff plus swim size To flatter all your dangerous curves, you also need to have on hand some of the most stylish cover-ups around.

By the pool is a new runway, honey!!

Gabi Fresh Swim x ELOQUII Plunge Neck Tie Coverup Jumpsuit - ELOQUII (Plus Size Swim Cover Ups)
Gabi Fresh Swim x ELOQUII Plunge Neck Tie Coverup Jumpsuit at

Plus size swimwear

Cover-ups definitely live up to their name and keep your swimsuit covered for those times when you’re feeling more modest or want to hit the beach or pool.

However, modern bathrobes are so stylish and sexy that you’ll find yourself looking for reasons to wear them as part of your spring-summer ensemble.

I think a plus size swim gown can also work as a great home wear option for home outings, plus size carnival outfits, etc!

The hijab is the perfect way to put your swimwear look together with relative ease, so we’ve compiled a list of the best plus size swimwear hijabs that are a must. available this year.

We’ve also shared some TOP tips for buying the BEST plus size swimwear to suit your needs, so check out those tips in our curated list of plus size swimwear picks. !

Are you ready?! Let’s go!

Must have swimwear in a larger size!

5 tips for plus size swimwear

Whether you prefer oversized sarongs, swimwear, beach pants, tunics or overalls, there’s plenty of fun outfits to choose from. Below, we’ve shared our TOP 5 tips for finding the right plus size swimsuit for you!


Gabi Fresh Swim x ELOQUII Slit Sleeve Coverup Duster - ELOQUII
Gabi Fresh Swim x ELOQUII Slit Sleeve Coverup Duster at
  1. You don’t have to match! Some women opt to combine the hijab with a swimsuit, while others are more daring in their approach to style and mix + match colors and prints.
  2. Add some sparkle: We love an oversized jacket with a little sparkle to catch the light in summer! Very happy! This can be done with sequins or glitter yarn, or other decorations!
  3. Dry off first! Chlorinated water can damage fabrics (that’s why swimsuits are often made from special fabrics), so be sure to avoid submerging your swimsuit in water!
  4. accessory! Don’t forget your statement sunnies or other must-have accessories, our list This!
  5. DARK! If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a HUGE plus size swimsuit, you can “dip your toes” in the water, so to speak, by getting a bold oversized swimsuit to wear. Life is short! Be brave, my love!

Who are you? How do you want your rock cover?

Ladies, did you see any plus size styles in our ultimate guide that you absolutely must have? Do you have multiple coats for each swimsuit or do you only wear one throughout the season? What are some of your favorite makeup looks for 2023?

Let us know in the comments how you plan to turn it off this season by covering up your look for the beach, pool or lake!!

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