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Carrie Ann Inaba pays tribute to the late Len Goodman

Judge “DWTS” Carrie Ann Inaba is facing a heavy heart following the death of his good friend and co-judge, Len Goodman.

Over the years, the late Inaba and Goodman have appeared as judges on the ABC reality show. The couple bonded and maintained their friendship off-screen.

Sadly, Goodman left the world on April 24, leaving behind many broken hearts.

Carrie Ann Inaba pays tribute to the late Len Goodman

Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli in Dancing with the Stars

The 55-year-old choreographer, grieving the death of his beloved friend, has Instagram to pay tribute to him. She posted an emotional clip with memories with the deceased dancer.

The clip begins with two professional dancers smiling as they waltz. The video includes a video of both judges playfully dancing, a scene of them holding a placard that says “ten” and a scene of them laughing.

In the caption of the post, the reality star wrote an emotional tribute to the late dancer. She begins to describe who Goodman is. According to Inaba, he is “A dancer. A teacher. A refined gentleman. A great storyteller. A special soul. An advisor. A family man. And… A precious friend.”

She continued to express her grief: “Saying goodbye at the end of last season broke my heart. But today’s news broke it all again. I can’t believe you’re gone.”

‘Until we meet again…✨Rest in peace, Len,’ concluded Inaba. Inaba, who is also the co-host of “The Talk,” continues to express her grief on her Instagram stories. In a story update, the sad news shocked the professional dancer.

She wrote: “Shortly after 2:15 a.m., I received word that our Len Goodman had passed away. I am deeply saddened and shocked. Like many of you, I am heartbroken.💔”

However, Inaba pointed out that the late judge wouldn’t want fans to grieve for long. “He didn’t want us to be sad,” she said. “So, with tears in my eyes, I humbly request this.”

In her next story update, the reality star detailed the request: “Think of your favorite Len-ism and remember him fondly. And then turn on your favorite tune, grab the person next to you and dance. I think he will like that.”

Inaba continued by sharing her favorite Lenism. “And that’s ten from Len.” Then she announced, “And Len, you’re ten.” Inaba wasn’t the only “DWTS” co-judge left devastated in the face of the sad news. Derek Hough Relive memories with Goodman over the years.

Besides the footage, Hough wrote a tearful message. Part of the message read, “It was a bleak morning in Los Angeles, which seems fitting after this heartbreaking news. But when I think back to the memories we shared with Len, his sense of humour, his smile, and his charm, everything is so much brighter and full of sunshine.”

The professional dance judge seemed to predict his death

The British professional dance judge, 78, passed away on Saturday 22/4 after a battle with terminal bone cancer. The dance icon is said to have been hospitalized in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, after a brief illness following six months of retirement.

A spokesperson for the former “Come Dancing” judge confirmed the news of the actual character’s death through a statement that read: “I can confirm that he passed away peacefully on weekend before the family’s embrace”, adding that he was “a very much loved husband. , father and grandfather, whom his family, friends and everyone who knew him will miss very much.”

Months before his death, Goodman announced his departure from “Dancing With The Stars” to spend more time with his family. While speaking to the Daily Mail about retiring from reality TV, dance dancers seem to be predictable that he will die in 2023 at the age of 79, just like his late father.

Len Goodman

The late dancer had previously said: “My dad had the right idea. He loves gardening, and he had a stroke while out in the garden. He’s 79 years old, so if I were to follow in my dad’s footsteps, it would be next year.”

Further in the interview, Goodman asked his interviewer to succinctly draft his obituary. He said, “Just writing that he’s a dance teacher from Dartford who got lucky because that’s just the truth of it.”

Due to this possible prediction, some fans have wondered if he foresaw his fate due to health issues. However, the TV personality is evident in his stance. He stated at the time,

“I don’t make a fuss about things like that. It’s like when you have a car—you service it, but even so, you’re going to have some trouble with your carburetor and you’re going to need to fix it, and eventually everything will fail, and that’s it. It’s more about the journey, and my journey has been lovely.”

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