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British sisters, 20 and 15, shot dead in ‘terrorist attack’ on West Bank as their mother fights for life in hospital

A UK mother whose daughter was shot dead in an alleged terrorist attack is fighting for her life.

Sisters Maya and Rina Dee were killed when their family car crashed punctured 22 Kalashnikov bullets in an ambush in IsraeliWest Coast on Friday.

British sisters Maya and Rina Dee were killed when their car caught fire in the West Bank


British sisters Maya and Rina Dee were killed when their car caught fire in the West Bank
The horror took place on Friday and their mother is still fighting for her life


The horror took place on Friday and their mother is still fighting for her lifeCredit: AP

Their mother, Lucy Dee, 48, remains in a critical condition in hospital following the attack.

British family members are said to be on their way tonight to comfort the father of the Leo sisters.

It is known that Maya and Rina, 20 and 15 years old, will part ways in the coming days.

Two sisters died at the scene after their car was ambushed and rammed by gunmen before being hit by another vehicle on the West Coast.

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A giant police The manhunt is still ongoing this evening following the horror incident near the settlement of Hamra, about 30 miles north of Jerusalem.

It is known that the family has moved from London to Israel in 2005.

They settled in Efrat, near the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, but maintained close ties with the British.

The attack is believed to be a cowardly and indiscriminate revenge attack launched as tensions rise following police raids on Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The gunmen are said to have targeted the vehicle simply because it carried an Israeli registration plate.

The girl’s father Leo was seated in a car behind his wife and daughters, and is believed to have escaped his injuries.

So far no group has claimed responsibility, but a Hamas spokesman hailed the attack as “retaliation for the crimes committed by Israel”.

Barriers were set up today when a huge manhunt was launched to hunt down the attackers.

Leo said in a statement today that he is confident “justice will be served”.

The telegraphy Report, he said: “We are saddened by the current state of political tension in Israel, which is caused by a lack of trust in the country’s first religious Zionist government.

“Some people think that a religious government will suppress the rights of minorities and become totalitarian.

“But this is not a risk in Israel because devout Jews simply believe in a balance between love and justice.

“For our part, we have felt the warm embrace of love from the Jews of Israel and beyond and we are confident that justice will be done.”

A spokesman for the foreign office said: “We are saddened to hear of the deaths of two Anglo-Israeli nationals and the serious injuries of a third individual.

“The UK calls on all parties in the region to de-escalate.”

Leo – who attended university in the UK – was said to be driving in front of Lucy and their daughters when he realized there was a scuffle behind him.

He drove back to the scene because he was afraid his family was involved in a traffic accident and realized the car was on fire.

Police later said the vehicle the British family was traveling in was hit by a barrage of 22 Kalashnikov assault rifle rounds, leaving blood splatters on the windshield.

Doctors tonight said Lucy’s mother had a bullet wound in her upper body and confirmed she was still “critical”.

The Israel Defense Forces said the shooting was a terrorist attack and said CCTV footage showed the terrorists driving to the victims’ vehicles.

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One gunman opened fire from the passenger seat before his accomplices turned around on the highway and fled the scene.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted photos of the sisters last night and pledged revenge.

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