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Blue Jays Choose Ernie Clement

The Blue Jays announced a bunch of roster changes today, reinstating the right-hander Adam Cimber from injury list and choose midfield bet Ernie Clement. In the respective moves, the right-hander bloom Thomas and midfielder Otto López has been selected as Triple-A. To open a position over 40 people for right-handed Clement White Mitch was transferred to the 60-day injured list.

Clement, 27, was signed to a minor league during spring training. He’s played for Triple-A Buffalo so far this year, scoring a stellar .328/.408/.512 in 145 appearances. He was walking at 11.7% and had a micro-attack rate of 2.8%. He has also stolen six bases and has been jumping around the diamond, playing all four inside slots and some left slots.

That strong showing will put him back in the big leagues where he already has a bit of experience. He first entered the program with Cleveland in 2021 and then entered the Athletics on Demand Waiver last year. He can provide a lot of versatility in defense, passing the ball to four positions in the field and to the left, but doesn’t do much with the batsman. Of the 312 goals scored in those two seasons, he scored just 0.204/.261/.264. Team A released him in March of this year, allowing the Jays to recruit him on that minor league contract.

Jays recently booked utility midfielder Santiago Espinal on the injured list and called López to take his place but will now give Clement that job instead. If he can use even part of that Triple-A foul and combine it with his ability to play multiple positions, he could make an attractive substitute for the club. . He still has one year of options and one to two years of service, which means he is likely to stay in the intensive role for a while, as long as he continues to prove his position. on a list of 40 people.

As for White, he started the year on the injury list due to elbow inflammation and has yet to return. Recently, he was on a rehab mission but had to stop working due to shoulder pain. Sportsnet’s Ben Nicholson-Smith. Since a return is not imminent, it is not surprising to see him being transferred. He will now be ineligible to return after 60 days from his original IL position, meaning he could technically return this weekend, although it looks like he He’s not healthy enough for that to be a real possibility.

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