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Bill Hader Didn’t Care About Fan Service When Writing Barry

In an extensive interview with LA TimesBill Hader, Sarah Goldberg, and Anthony Carrigan sat down to discuss the final season of “Barry,” specifically Hank and Cristobal’s shocking scene in episode 4.

According to Carrigan, faced with Cristobal’s unwillingness to carry out his plan, Hank’s main priority was the need for “safety”. As he put it, “After being nearly tortured last season, nearly taking the love of his life, safety became the number one priority. But then, to get what he wanted. He really always wanted to, he resisted that and set a path for disaster.” Calling it “great writing,” Goldberg echoed her co-star’s thoughts and described when it came to Hank, “You think you know someone, but nobody really knows what they’re capable of, depending on what the stakes are. You don’t know how you would behave in certain situations.”

The actual quote comes from Hader, detailing the tricky balance of writing what the audience wants versus what the characters actually need:

“You always try to write what’s honest for these characters, as opposed to fan service. I did fan service and the show immediately revealed that. We I did something, I can’t say what it was, in the end; I wrote it and Sarah said, ‘Why are we filming this?’ But that’s fine; hopefully you create an environment where people can come up to you and say, ‘This stinks.'”

The “Inside Episodes” short clips included at the end of several episodes reinforce Hader’s thinking here, where he frequently reveals insights into the characters’ journey to bitter endings. his object. In other words, expect the surprise when “Barry” ends May 28, 2023 on Max.

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