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Barry Goes Old Testament Season 4 Episode 6

When Barry started looking for loopholes in his faith, he was able to find them pretty quickly. There’s a bit of religious precedent for divine murder – as Barry’s podcast says, “The Old Testament tells us that there are murders punishable in the eyes of God.” God directly instructed His followers to carry out the slaughter of the Canaanites. The podcast host adds: “God forbid,” adds the podcast host, which resonates with Barry – Cousins ​​are threatening his livelihood again, hence the he had a point in killing him. But Barry still has to dig a little deeper to find a spiritual leader who will sanction this murder.

The fact that God punishes any act of murder makes Barry and other violent Christians feel that they are acting “in their faith” when committing murder — a flagrant violation and serious commandments. Barry listens to another podcast host with a poor understanding of religion, who says he just needs to look for a sign from God to justify his violent behavior. This sign can come in any form, even as an “intense feeling”. For Barry, this sign is an open door.

Barry may be referencing the Old Testament when justifying his return to killing, but he certainly created his own definition of religion. The serial killer’s understanding of Christianity is extremely loose and can obviously be reshaped to fit whatever he feels compelled to do, whatever that sin may be. how big. He may be listening to Protestant sermons, but Barry’s religion is a school of its own.

“Barry” airs new episodes on HBO and Max on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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