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Bam Margera’s Wife Refutes His ‘Never Legally Married’ Claim

Bam Margera stated that he and Nicole Boyd never made their union legal during their separation war. The couple previously had their wedding ceremony in Iceland, featured in a now-deleted YouTube video.

Boyd filed for separation earlier this year, as seen in a exclusive report of explosion, and ask the court for spousal support. She also asked for full custody of their 5-year-old son, Phoenix, and asked that Margera be placed on supervised visits “with a professional supervisor.”

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Bam Margera claims he was never legally married to Nicole Boyd

Bam Margera and his wife
Instagram/Bam Margera

According to official court documents obtained by People’s magazine, Bam Margera is seeking to dismiss Nicole Boyd’s request for legal separation. Margera argued in the paper that he and Boyd “never married, legally or otherwise.”

He wrote, “To my knowledge, Boyd has never legally changed her name in any state to ‘Nicole Margera.’ Every driver’s license or other form of identification that I see Boyd in possession has the name ‘Nicole Boyd’.”

Margera and Boyd celebrated their wedding in Iceland in 2013, and footage of the festival was featured in a now-deleted video on Margera’s YouTube channel. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the alumni “Viva La Bam” and Boyd have registered their marriage in the US.

They had an unstable relationship

Bam Margera and his wife
Instagram/Bam Margera

According to court documents, Margera claimed that he and Boyd had had a difficult, “turbulent and unstable” relationship for more than ten years together. He also wrote that they had broken up several times, during which time Boyd would “leave my house and go live with her family in California.”

However, the stuntman wrote: “However, Boyd will always return to Pennsylvania shortly after and we will resume our dating relationship.” Of their Icelandic wedding, Margera writes that he is fully aware and understands that they are “not married”. He added, “Boyd told me she also knew and understood that we weren’t married.”

In Margera’s documents, he also alleges Boyd moved her and Phoenix to California so she could use the presumptive marriage laws there to his advantage instead of Pennsylvania. In her defense, Boyd’s attorney, David Glass, said Page Six, “Nikki continued to live in California with Phoenix while Bam hung around — lived in Florida, lived in California and, within a few weeks, returned to Pennsylvania. California is the only location for this divorce action.”

Nicole Boyd Responds to Bam Margera’s Claim

Bam Margera's estranged wife was claimed by the actor that they 'never legally married'

Boyd responded to Margera’s requests through her attorney, David Glass, who spoke with Page Six. He said, “As an initial matter, it was not until recently that Nikki heard Bam claim that they were never married. She was informed that the wedding would take place in Iceland and everything was taken care of.”

Glass claims that Boyd “lived like husband and wife with Bam for many years” because she thought they were married. He notes that her “faithful” beliefs and their time together make her a “presumptive spouse” under California’s marriage law.

As such, the model and photographer should have the right to file for legal separation from Margera. He also notes that she is “entitled to division of property and spousal support, in addition to custody and support.”

Why Nicole Boyd filed for legal separation from Bam Margera

Bam Margera

Boyd filed for legal separation earlier this year and, in her filing, cited “irreconcilable differences.” She also asked the court to give her spousal support money from Margera. Shortly after news of her move to separate from Margera made headlines, her attorney revealed that she had filed the petition because of Margera’s “inappropriate” behavior in front of their son, Phoenix.

explanatory glasses that Margera was regularly influenced and misbehaved in front of their five-year-old child. She says this forces her to choose how to protect herself and Phoenix from Margera.

Margera was recently in the news after his brother, singer Jess, announced on Twitter that he is meth addiction and is on the run from the police. The former “Jackass” star finally surrendered to the authorities. He also made a video suggesting that Lamar Odom admit him to his free rehab center for treatment.

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