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Amanda Bynes fan feels ‘so sad’ about her ‘isolated’ life

Amanda Bynes is living a very reclusive life.

The former actress is said to have given up on everything she loves after having a mental breakdown earlier this year.

March, explosion Bynes’ report 5150 mental detention that she was booked around St. Patrick’s Day.

Amanda Bynes was placed in psychiatric custody in March!

Details of Amanda Bynes' incredible recovery in case of preservation, not 'disordered'

We exclusively reported that the retired entertainer allegedly abused prescription drugs that caused her to lose TONS of weight. She is believed to weigh less than 100 lbs.

Sources close to the situation said explosionBynes has recently experienced “an amazing and significant weight loss over the past few months,” and those around the actress believe she is abusing prescription drugs.

On Sunday, March 19lame pants, Bynes was seen wandering the streets near downtown Los Angeles completely naked. She called 9-1-1 herself and was placed in psychiatric custody for 72 hours.

The “She’s The Man” actress has been discharged from the hospital and she is living in isolation.

Bynes has lived a very “isolated” life since being hospitalized

Amanda Bynes

According to reports, the FIDM alumnus has felt “sad and isolated” after living alone in the house as she continues to recover.

Before her mental breakdown, the former actress pursued a career in cosmetology to become a manicurist. However, it is reported that she has lost interest in it since being discharged from the hospital.

Many of her fans have expressed that they are “so sad” and completely beside them.

“Omg this makes me so sad,” one person tweeted.

“So sad!” someone else wrote.

Amanda Bynes’ fans are with them

One fan suggested, “Well, maybe you should just leave her alone?”

“I feel so bad for this girl. She was used for fame and money… but never really loved or cared for the people around her. Too bad ppl can’t see fake ppl. I just want to hug her…hug Amanda,” another raving fan tweeted.

However, not all hope was lost for Bynes. Sources close to her say she may regain her passion for fashion and aesthetics in the near future.

According to reports, the former Nickelodeon star has continued to participate in her treatments and regularly attends her outpatient sessions. She has been seeing a therapist since her release, and Bynes is said to have kept up with her mental health medications.

Amanda attended therapy & outpatient treatment


The former “Amanda Show” star and her fiancé, Paul Michael, are no longer together. They broke up earlier this year and those close to her are optimistic that he won’t enter her life again.

They allege he failed to support her during her mental health crisis and hospitalization. They are afraid. He can have a toxic effect on her recovery if he goes back to her inner circle. previously reported that Bynes “was advised to continue keeping his distance from his former fiancé.”

The couple met in rehab and got engaged for the first time in 2020. They broke up several times throughout their relationship.

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