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Alec Baldwin Joins ‘Kent State’ After ‘Rust’ Incident

Performer Alec Baldwin is making a big comeback in his career after the “Rust” crash in October 2021.

While filming the movie Far West, a gun he was holding exploded. The bullet hit and killed the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Although he was initially charged with two counts of manslaughter for her death, those charges were dropped pending further investigation.

Meanwhile, the 65-year-old actor did not delay his career. At the Cannes Film Festival, it was revealed that he would be starring in a new film called “Kent State,” which tells the story of mass shootings against the Vietnam War.

Alec Baldwin to star in ‘Kent State’ about Vietnam War protest shootings after ‘Rust’ incident

Alec Baldwin at Roundabout Theater Company Gala 2023

On Wednesday afternoon, hollywood reporter revealed that the “30 Rock” actor had another feature film lined up just days after finishing “Rust.” The feature film, called “Kent State,” is being sold by Strive Global Media at Cannes.

The film, currently in pre-production, will tell the story of four students who were shot dead by the National Guard during a school protest against the Vietnam War on May 4, 1970. Baldwin was cast. played the then-President of the State of Kent, Robert I. White.

The film will be directed by Karen Slade, marking her first time as a feature film director. She also wrote the screenplay for the film. The film is produced by Kristen Moser of Autumn Moor Productions, while the film’s executive producers include Tom Ortenberg, Kevin Beer, Ivan Williams and Michael Walsh.

Baldwin starred in ‘Hollywood Heist’ with Nick Cannon, Tara Reid, etc

Alec Baldwin at Roundabout Theater Company Gala 2023

That’s not the only movie Baldwin will be in. On Friday, April 21, special prosecutors in the “Rust” case official dismissal of criminal charges against the actor. Less than an hour later, Duration announced that the Emmy Award-winning actor will star in a new movie called “Hollywood Heist,” marking the directorial debut of Mike Hatton.

The film, which has been described as a comedy crime drama, will also star Masked Singer judges Nick Cannon, Mickey Rourke, Paul Sloan, Til Schweiger and Tara Reid. Principal photography in Los Angeles ended last month; the film will be shot in both Las Vegas and Majorca, Spain. The film’s synopsis reads:

“Hollywood Heist follows a powerful Hollywood agent (Cannon) trying to attract an actor (Baldwin) by telling the story of his client, a film producer (Hatton), along with a movie star friend (Sloan), as they race against each other. against time to save their latest products. This happened after the project’s bank account was wiped out by a thief, leading to an intense negotiation with famous actors, drug lords and death.”

The story is said to be inspired by real events, although the film will feature a Hollywood “meta” version. Baldwin, Rourke, and Reid are all said to be playing fictional versions of themselves. The film will also feature a fictionalized version of producer Asko Akopyan, who will be played by Arman Nshanian.

The screenplay is written by Mike Hatton and Paul Sloan, who will produce the film under his production company Ton of Hats. Akopyan will also produce for Oscar Gold Productions. Nick Cannon will executive produce through his Ncredible Entertainment banner. Kimberly Hines will also serve as the film’s executive producer.

Alec Baldwin’s disaster drama ‘Supercell’ quietly debuted earlier this year

Alec Baldwin at Comedy Central Roast Of Alec Baldwin

With the film surrounding the “Rust” allegations, Baldwin’s disaster film “Supercell” was quietly released the weekend of March 17. It did not generate a major theatrical release; instead, it was only released in a handful of small independent cinemas and video-on-demand.

The film itself is interesting because it is one of the last roles of the late “Volcano” actor. Anne Heche. The “Twister” style film tells the story of a teenager named William who runs away from home to follow in the footsteps of his father, a famous storm hunter who lost his life in a storm.

In June 2021, Baldwin spoke to hollywood reporter about the impact they can achieve with a limited budget. “I haven’t run across a field trying to chase the sun in a long time,” he said at the time.

“They don’t have money for many effects, this is not a Spielberg product. They had to find a way to simulate it and render it at a low cost, and they did that,” he continued. “We’re going to say ‘act’ and get out of this truck and gosh, they blow these things at us like you can’t believe it.”

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