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Aaron Clancy Confirms He’s Dating Alice Gray After Drama ‘BIP’

“Bachelor in Heaven” star Aaron Clancy accused of dating multiple women before going to Mexico and dating Genevieve Parisi just for screen time while on the reality show.

However, Clancy said Ben Higgins And Ashley Iaconetti ABOVE “The Ben and Ashley I: The Almost Famous Podcast” that thing his feelings for Parisi are “real” and he doesn’t just use her for screen time.

Now, a few months after “Bachelor In Paradise” ended, Clancy is moving on and has a new relationship with Gray Alicea singer from California.

Aaron Clancy confirms he has left the market

Aaron Clancy Confirms Relationship With Alice Gray After 'BIP' Movie
Instagram | Aaron Clancy

Clancy took to Instagram over the weekend to confirm that he is currently in a relationship with Alice Grey, a California native.

In a video, Clancy shared a clip of the moments spent with Grey, with the caption for the post, “I’ve been pretty busy lately and I couldn’t be happier about it. Kindness, generosity and understanding is an understatement. Thank you for being one of the most special people I have ever met. Continue to live your life to the fullest, honey.”

Many members of Bachelor Nation took to the comments section to congratulate Clanancy on his new relationship. Danielle Maltby commented, “Can’t wait to bring her home, son,” while James Bonsall emotional, “Power couple. Like watching.”

Victoria Fuller also said: “Congratulations to you,” while Natasha Parker said, “Love love love lovvvvvve to see it.”

Alice Gray Knows About Aaron Clancy’s Time on ‘The Bachelor’

Aaron Clancy Confirms Relationship With Alice Gray After 'BIP' Movie
Instagram | Aaron Clancy

Before going public on Instagram, Clancy revealed her new relationship on the podcast “Click Bait with Bachelor Nation”.

“Life is good, I can’t complain… I don’t want to say anything too formal right now, but I’m dating someone,” Clancy told host Joe Amabile in an episode of the “Click Bait” podcast in March. “Everything is going well. I’m super happy. I’m probably the happiest person I’ve ever been.

family went on to talk about how the relationship started, explaining that she was “a friend of a friend”. He said on the podcast: “It’s funny because on our first date, I didn’t mean it as a date. “It’s more like just meeting this person. But we do have a few beers. It was more normal, and once I started liking her, I thought, ‘Okay, I have to do this right.

“So I took her to a nice restaurant in San Diego called Island Prime. It’s a kind of steak and lobster right on the water. So I did the right thing! he continued.

Amabile asked Clancy if she knew about His time on the “The Bachelor” franchiseClancy said with a laugh, “Yes, she certainly knows about my terrible failures on national television.”

“If she agrees to that, I feel like she could be the One,” replied Amabile, Clancy said, “One thousand percent. I agree. And I’m even worse in real life, so…”

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