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A royal romance with all the excitement, fun and flaws of Bridgerton

Charlotte and George are a pair of magnets. Despite their reasonable frustration about having to marry out of obligation, they are lucky in love: they click instantly. George radiates charm, humility, and unexpected practicality while Charltte’s stubborn, outspoken demeanor conflicts in every best way. They were instantly infatuated and married quickly, but that’s when the problems started. The intervening princess Augusta (Michelle Fairley is rarely used) and the loneliness of palace life are frequent problems, but the bigger problem is George himself, who spends most of his time. season to hide an important secret about his health. His distance puts the biggest strain on their marriage.

This can cause crisis – for a royal couple, a stressful marriage is more risky. They have the burden of an entire nation on their shoulders.. or at least, they should. Because in reality, the difference between this season and the normal “Bridgerton” season is just for show. For better or worse, “Queen Charlotte” is the same.

Despite having a Queen-centered story, the series is not particularly interested in the nation’s politics or the day-to-day business of governing a nation. “Bridgerton” has always benefited from the fact that royals are seen as peripheral figures — which means we can ignore the lack of politics and focus on bubbly Regent period confectionery. . All the romance all the time! But focusing on the royal love story creates an expectation for much more. However, there is no palace plot here nor any serious, heavy drama. There is occasional mention of Parliament and the survival of a country but as far as we know, these royals never see their people or take part in any missions.

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