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8 Size 30 Wedding Dresses – Our plus size wedding guide

Hello, fashionistas! this week is More wedding week at The Curvy Fashionista, where we bring you the latest plus size wedding tips and updates!

Today on the TCF platform, I will be sharing 8 size 30 wedding dresses. Shopping for plus size wedding dresses can be challenging (hence, the TCF team writes a guide to plus size wedding dresses!), and do economy — finding a size 30 wedding dress is even more difficult.

Because of this, we’re happy to share our curated list of size 30 wedding dresses, with all the details you need to find YOUR perfect dress!

Pixie Dress - JessaKae- wedding dress size 30
outuPixie Dress

Wedding dress size 30

Before diving into a size 30 wedding dress overview, I want to share some tips when shopping for a size 30 (or taller!) wedding dress:

Tip #1: Read the size chart!!

In my work as a plus size blogger and fashion designer, I find my readers and followers frustrated with sizing charts. For many interesting reasons, many people shop plus size (and the bride!) think there is a “right” size chart.

Many people with larger sizes have a specific idea of ​​what measurements will fit a particular size.

Luna Coat - Hannah Caroline Couture
Luna Robe at Hannah Caroline Couture

While it would be easier to have a general size chart, it’s actually a good thing not to have one! You see, size charts often reflect how tight or tight a brand wants a garment to look. The size chart reflects the FIT of the clothes.

Because of this, I recommend you take your measurements (a friend or close friend of the tailor can help if needed!), so you can see the size you need. One brand’s size 30 may not be the same as another brand’s size!

Viola Dress - Hannah Caroline Couture
Viola gown at Hannah Caroline Couture

Tip #2: Rely on brands that display oversized models

Ok, so I think we can all agree that AF is annoying when a brand offers a larger size, but there is no model in sight above the 10/12 size.

BUT, this problem is actually useful, in the opposite way. You see, if a brand fails to put oversized models in a size 30 wedding dress, I bet you MONEY (as a trained fashion designer who spent a LOT of money learning how to design plus size clothes)) that they overlooked or took a shortcut when designing the fit of oversized clothing.

Let me say it again: If a brand doesn’t clearly display plus-size models in their marketing, they’re definitely not doing a great job with their wedding dress.

Augustine Feather Dress - Nerecina Couture
Augustine’s Feather Dress at Nerecina Couture

If a brand doesn’t mind showing oversized models in their wedding dresses, I bet they didn’t do due diligence when sorting models, doing fit tests, etc.

Just said!!!!

Tip #3: Dress like you’re fat

Ok, this tip might be a bit abrasive for some – but hear me out! When it comes to deciding what size wedding dress to wear, I’m PRAYING with you: Dress like you’re FALL!

Selene Dress- wedding dress size 30
Selene dress at Nerecina Couture

I often see brides choose oversized wedding dresses based on trying to hide themselves. From wearing long sleeves because they’re self-conscious about their arms, to just letting themselves look at dresses with a very “stingy” structure — when they want to be an oversized boho bride with kids Numbers inspired by Stevie Nicks. !

No matter what size 30 wedding dress you decide on, please choose your dress based on what you have envisioned.

Ok, now that we’ve got our tips, these are size 30 wedding dresses!

Because, buddy, honestly: Everyone already knows what your body looks like. They do!! I promise!! Your loved ones have seen your belly, thighs, arms, whatever!

Don’t dress like you’re apologizing for existing on your wedding day. <3

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