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5 tips for creating effective webinar polls

5 tips for creating effective webinar polls


Webinars can be challenging to facilitate because attendees come from all over the world and dynamics vary considerably when compared to face-to-face webinars. However, one thing they both have in common is the need to understand how
is the feeling, what they have learned and if they have any feedback. A great way to source this information is to run polls, but knowing what to ask can be a challenge. Throughout this article, we’ll help you decide the right questions to start asking your audience.

Make the question beneficial

Live audience polls are designed to drive audience engagement, so you must ensure that each question benefits your audience. Although you will use
Live voting in real time
and get to know your audience more deeply, it’s important not to be selfish. For example, if you focus too much on demographic questions, your participants will likely feel as though they are part of an experiment.

Keep it simple

write questions
for live polls, you need to consider the interpretive role of the audience. Therefore, to avoid getting tangled up, keep your questions simple and straightforward, which means leaving complicated language out the door.

Presenter and audience views are different

There are two different looks in webinars – presenter and audience – and both look different. If you’ve written a long question, the interface may truncate some of your words, meaning you may forget what you asked. Therefore, you should write down all the questions on a separate screen or in a notebook. Even if your question is cut short, the audience will see the entire question at their end – so don’t panic.

Keep hidden object scale

As you plan your webinars and polls, you’re thinking about the desired audience size, which may not be met. If you show results with a small audience shown, it can make the rest of your webinar less impactful. Therefore, you can set your poll to show answers as a percentage, meaning you can continue as if you had a larger audience.

Don’t abuse it

Plan your webinar, you’ll need to decide how many polls to use. If you abuse it, they will start to leave you.
feeling tired. However, if you don’t invest enough, you won’t know your audience. Typically, it is suggested that about three polls should be taken if the webinar is an hour long.


While participants are responding to your poll, it’s important to maintain momentum by continuing with the webinar. If you waste time waiting for a response, you will leave yourself in the “air of death”, which will make everyone involved feel awkward.

Audience engagement is key to a successful webinar, and live web polls can help facilitate this. However, it’s important to strike a balance to avoid confusing and boring your audience. To master the art of creating polls, make sure every question benefits your audience and keep it short/simple.

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