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5 Luxury Plus Size Underwear Brands- Yes, They Exist!

With lots of lingerie brands coming up for more casual wear like Evelyn Bobbin and girlyNot many people know about luxury lingerie brands that bring a more premium, luxurious feel.

With intricate laces and delicate silk, these brands are a very good introduction to the world of plush lingerie.

Here are 5 luxury lingerie brands you may not have heard of:

Ass and jerks

Queen of Clover Buttress and Snatch Plus Size Luxury lingerie
Queen of Clover Set from Buttress and Snatch

Founded in 1999 by Rachel Kenyan, Ass and jerks the designs conjure up images of high-end, scissors and pins vibes. This luxury brand offers customized service for customers who want to enjoy gorgeous lace and silk styles, but their sizes are not available on her ‘available’ size chart .


Morro Bay PrimaDonna plus size lingerie
PrimaDonna .’s Morro Bay

Founded in 1919, and a former tailor for the late Queen of England, Van De Velde has full breasts and an oversized luxury brand. PrimaDonna offers stunning style and sophistication without sacrificing support. With intricate laces, bold colors and a size range up to 48, PrimaDonna is the big legacy luxury lingerie brand to follow.


Empreinte Louise Luxury Plus Size Lingerie
Louise of Empreinte

Founded in 1949 in France, Empreinte exude elegance and grace with the use of beautiful embroidery in their lingerie style. Their design uses a minimum of elastane in the fabrication process to ensure longevity for their bra designs.

Louisa Bracq

Louisa Bracq Serie Plus Size Luxury Underwear
Series by Louisa Bracq

Since 1938 This French brand brought style and pomp with the use of bold colors and delicate embroidery. Starting from the field of producing high-fashion lace, the brand expanded into high-end lingerie in the 90s.

Harlow and the Fox

Amaryllis Buttress and Snatch Luxury Plus Size Lingerie

Using the finest silks and embroidery to create sumptuous and splendid works of art, Harlow and the Fox offers private tailoring for those who fall outside the ‘available’ size range for their collection.

Ulla Dessous

Ulla Dessous Josy Plus Size Luxury lingerie
Josy by Ulla Dessous

Family owned since 1948, this German brand offers handcrafted styles and supports the use of Swiss and Austrian embroidery that lends a delicate and feminine feel to their lingerie.

So when you’re looking for plus size luxury lingerie, know that there are brands out there that cater to plus size… Make sure you follow me on Twitter ( @sourcedumal ) as I share my own journey of discovering different lingerie brands and clothing stores that cater to curvaceous people and sharing tailored adventures with my clients. I!

Where do you find your plush (or not) plus size bras?! When was the last time you were equipped?

Let’s *Actually* talk about it…

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