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3 people arrested after robbery at Tustin jewelry store caused police chase

Three men were arrested on Tuesday after authorities said they carried out a robbery at a jewelry store in Tustin, which then led police into a car chase and ended by a car crash.

The Tustin Police Department responded around 2:30 p.m. to a report of multiple suspects vandalizing display cabinets inside a jewelry store at The District at Tustin Legacy, a large outdoor shopping mall.

When officers arrived, the suspects fled the scene in a white SUV – entering Highway 405 before leaving Westminster, police said.

The vehicle then hit a fire hydrant, causing the driver and two other male suspects to flee, authorities said.

Following a search involving officers from Tustin and Westminster, police arrested Kristen Tytrell Woods, 20, of Los Angeles, and two unnamed minors. No injuries have been reported.

Police say they have recovered the stolen jewelry and are working with the store owner to confirm all items have been inventoryed.

Thieves using hammers and tire irons smashed glass counters and stole $87,000 worth of jewelry at another Tustin jewelry store last year. After six months of investigation, authorities arrested six suspects.

The Tuesday afternoon robbery happened on the eve of an Orange County press conference. Atty. Todd Spitzer was scheduled to discuss vandalism.

Local OC supervisors and sheriffs will also join Spitzer at his office in Santa Ana to discuss residential and commercial theft efforts throughout the county.

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