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13-year-old girl was lured into the woods for a ‘picnic’ before being beaten to death with hammers by teenagers and thrown into a shallow grave during a live stream

A Russian “trash streamer” lured a girl into the woods and beat her to death with a hammer while another teenager filmed it and posted it on social media, reports say.

The 16-year-old blogger and 15-year-old female accomplice are later said to have buried 13-year-old Vasilisa Faizova in a shallow grave they dug earlier in 2007. Saint-Peterburg.

Vasilisa Faizova, 13, brutally murdered by her 'friends'


Vasilisa Faizova, 13, brutally murdered by her ‘friends’Credit: East2West
She thought she would go on a picnic with them in the woods.


She thought she would go on a picnic with them in the woods.Credit: East2West

The victim thought she was going on a picnic with the couple, according to her distraught mother.

Graphic video allegedly showing the killing has gone viral on social media, and blurred footage has been shown in mainstream media including Zvezda, a channel owned by the Russian Defense Ministry.

It is unclear how the bloody video was originally released.

The “junk blogger” is said to have confessed that he killed Vasilisa to prove his “greatness and ability to do terrible things”.

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His accomplice, 15, testified that she had been told she would movie “pleased” with the boy as they went into the forest.

But she reported police she didn’t know the boy was going to kill Vasilisa.

However, she confessed to the police that she assisted in burying the body.

The two suspects are said to have sent a message from the victim’s phone to her mother, saying she had left the house in search of a new life, then destroyed the device.

The blogger then posted an alleged confession on a Telegram channel, saying: “I killed Vasilisa, my friend.

“I killed her with a few hammer blows to the head, then strangled her to death. death.

“I do this to prove to myself my greatness, my ability to do terrible things.

“And I was able to prove this to myself. I understand that I cannot escape punishment.”

He also called his parents – who were on vacation – to confess the incident. killingthe report said.

They immediately alerted the police “in a state of complete shock”.

The boy showed the police where the victim was buried near the Kamenka River in the Primorsky district of the city.

He is currently being held on suspicion of murder, and his female accomplice is also being held at a children’s facility.

The case is currently being investigated by local authorities.

Russia experienced an increase in homicide and domestic violence during the war due to Putin IN Ukraine.

Last month, haunting footage showed a three-year-old girl being “carried away to rape and murder” after her mother sold her for drugs.

Luz, who usually wears a blue dress with by Disney Frozen characters printed on it, betrayed by her Mom for 30 pieces of crack cocaine, the report claimed.

The heartbreaking clip is said to show the innocent girl trying to rip off her mother’s boyfriend.

He is then seen walking down a dirty street with Luz slung over his shoulder.

aghast neighbor found her body in an abandoned house the next day.

The forest area where Vasilisa's body was discovered


The forest area where Vasilisa’s body was discoveredCredit: East2West
A teenage 'junk blogger' allegedly confessed to killing her


A teenage ‘junk blogger’ allegedly confessed to killing herCredit: East2West
The 15-year-old AA girl was also detained by the police in St Petersburg


The 15-year-old AA girl was also detained by the police in St PetersburgCredit: East2West

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