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13 Oversized Two-in-One Wedding Dresses (We LOVE a Big DISCLOSURE!)

Today on TCF, we’re going to talk about two-in-one wedding dresses in larger sizes! It’s Extraordinary Bridal Week at The Curvy Fashionista and we’re excited to bring ALL the resources a plus size bride needs for her wedding!

Planning an oversized wedding can be stressful — you only get to choose ONE — but with a two-in-one plus size wedding dress, you can add even more fun twists. After all, a wedding is a big celebration! And as the bride, you are the star! Of course, you should add a few wardrobe changes to the mix! 😉

ELOQUII sequined wedding dress with removable skirt - two-in-one plus size wedding dress
ELOQUII detachable sequin wedding dress

Two-in-one plus size wedding dress

Today, we focus on one of the hottest trend in the bride — two-in-one wedding dress! These dresses have become really popular among brides who love the big reveal (you may have seen brides post videos on TikTok showing off their “showy moment”!). In addition, brides who want their wedding dress to be “easier to wear”, choose a two-in-one wedding dress!

By having different pieces as part of their wedding look, brides can use these pieces in the future.

Floral psychedelic bodysuit wedding dress - David's Bridal Two-in-one plus size wedding dress
Bodysuit wedding dress embroidered with psychedelic flowers at David’s Bridal

What is a two-in-one wedding dress?

Two-in-one plus size wedding dress is a style of wedding dress that has many pieces or components. Two-in-one wedding dresses are often chosen by brides who want to switch from a chic look at the ceremony to something more wearable for their reception (e.g. remove the necklaces on the wedding dress to be able to wear it). dance all night).

Popular two-in-one wedding gowns include:

  • Jumpsuits under the wedding dress
  • Wedding dress with a removable or detachable train
  • Wedding dress with a fully removable skirt, underneath is a jumpsuit, mini skirt or trousers
  • Long cape (lace for spring/summer, artificial fur for winter/autumn)

Okay, now that you have more information about the plus size two-in-one wedding dress, let’s take a look at these wedding dress ideas!

Are you ready?! Because we!!

TIPS ON Large Two-in-One Wedding Dresses!

When it comes to finding the perfect plus size two-in-one wedding dress, there are a few tips we’d like to share!

  • Tip #1: CUSTOMIZE! There are some pretty cool two-in-one wedding dresses on the list above, but chances are – you already have SPECIFIC intentions in mind. We love that! To get your dream plus size wedding dress, you may need to work with a tailor. (Payment procedures Nerecina Couture, Christian OmeshunAnd Hannah Caroline’s haute couture for options!)
  • Tip #2: Reinforce Buttons & Snaps! When you’re in the present moment, it’s easy to be in a hurry and accidentally break the button or pop it open. For this reason, we recommend having your tailor (or whoever is changing your wedding dress!) reinforce the stitches around the buttons and buttons.
  • Tip #3: Practice your big reveal! Listen, it might feel a little silly doing this, but if you’re going to create a grand entrance and transform your two-in-one wedding dress, then SHOULD practice doing so!

We hope you had a blast looking at these two-in-one wedding dresses! for more plus bride week size article, click here!

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