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12 Most Shocking Moments About Beau Is Scared, Ranked

After the homeless leave Beau’s apartment that looks like it was ravaged by a Category 5 hurricane, he calls his mother. However, an unidentified man answers her phone, much to his surprise. After a confusing exchange, the man who said he was a postal worker went to Mona’s house to deliver a package. Her door was slightly ajar, so he entered and discovered a woman’s body. The postal worker asked Beau to describe Mona, but when he started with her facial features, the postal worker asked him to describe what her body looked like. You see, Beau’s mother was killed by a chandelier that fell on her head.

Aster is a master at building fear, which works very well in this dark comedy scene. From the moment a man answered Mona’s phone, we knew immediately that something was wrong. The awkward joke adds to the suspense as we long to know what happened to Beau’s mother. We hope her death will be something more mundane, like a heart attack or a car accident, and not a hilarious accident we had. While Mona’s death is off-screen, it doesn’t undermine the almost “Looney Tunes” style of her death. Its invisible nature only magnifies it, for we are forced to use our imaginations to create ridiculous scenarios.

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