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10 games like Fortnite worth playing right now

You will be hard pressed to find a multiplayer game as accessible as Fortnite. We’re not just talking about its attention to accessibility features like Visual Sound Effects. Since the early days of Save the World PVE and classic action-building Battle Royale, Fortnite game modes like Zero Build and Creative have evolved tremendously. The range of gameplay that Fortnite offers really makes it the perfect game for casual players as well as competitive players.

Whether you’re in the mood to team up for some chill out games or to boost your health with some haywire shooters, here are ten games a Fortnite fan like you can enjoy.


The beauty of Roblox is that it can be literally anything you want. Like Fortnite Creative, it has its own sandbox game creation system that allows players to create their own unique gameplay modes. Or even just their own game. People have recreated popular games like Modern Warfare right inside Roblox, so it’s really a game within a game.

Looking for a quirky simulation game? There’s a lot of tycoon and role-playing experience. More interested in trying out a new fast paced shooter? Roblox has a lot of battle royale games and survival games. How about golf? Anything a player can dream of, you can discover somewhere in Roblox.

Realm Royale forged again

Okay, but what if instead of getting killed in Battle Royale… you turned into a chicken? Realm Royale forged again is the fantasy Battle Royale you didn’t know you needed. With five fantasies classes To choose between, customizable payloads, and tons of special skills to loot, this game really changes the classic Battle Royale formula.

Explore a vast map of colorful fantasy landscapes and battle other medieval warriors. Survive as a defeated “chicken” long enough, and you can respawn to return victorious.

precaution 2

If cooperative team play and breathtaking combat are your favorite things about Fortnite, it’s time to give Overwatch 2 its fair share. It also has a similar arcade interface that Fortnite players may find familiar.

Overwatch 2 is a team-fight action game that includes fast-paced PVP game modes like Escort, Control, or even Capture the Flag. Between Tank, Damage and Support classes there are dozens playable characters to choose from between. Each Overwatch Hero has its own set of abilities to master, and forming teams of different combinations of Heroes is only half the fun.

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Super Beast Royale

Imagine a safari park, but if you let all the animals display heavy ammunition. Animals have surpassed humans in Super Beast Royale, a colorful top-down shooter. Now you will have to fight for the top of the animal kingdom.

The cool thing about Super Animal Royale is that while it may be top-down, it uses a limited field of view. Crouch behind pillars or walls to hide in the dark, out of sight of enemies. When you’re never sure who might be right around the corner, strategy becomes key.

scam company

In this team-based, third-person shooter, it’s all about peeking the corners and looking cool when you do. Plus, Rogue Company has music from Run The Jewels to back up all your awesome tricks as you play!

Join the Rogues, a group of down-to-earth agents with a passion for gunplay and getting paid. Choose from over 25 Rogues to role-play, with an incredible skill set that ranges from exploding knives, endless ammo briefcases, or literal napalm launchers.

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Vampire: Masquerade – Bloodhunt

A royal battle of vampires, stretched across the dark streets of Prague. Do you want anything else? The blood hunting has begun, and it’s time to fight not only to be the last immortal, but also to reclaim the city for your side.

When you’re an eternal bloodsucker, there are dozens of ways to kill or be killed. Nurture unsuspecting people in Prague to develop your supernatural powers, so that you can overcome your enemies not only with precise aim, but also by performing brutal feats.

PUBG: Battlefield

You can’t go wrong with the classic Battle Royale, PUBG: Battlegrounds. Immerse yourself in vast war-torn landscapes with hundreds of other enemy players, and prepare to loot and shoot your way to victory.

Famous for being the main initiator of the Battle Royale genre, if you like the strategic team fighting genre in games like Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, then this might be the Battle Royale for you.

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The battlefield is completely accurate

You know what you missed in your Battle Royale games? Silly, physics-based parkour. In Totally Accuracy Battlegrounds, you can directly parachute into a bright, multi-square map with 60 other tiny stickmen and swing your way to victory.

If your parkour skills haven’t reached perfection yet, luckily for you, this game gives you a second chance at life. Killed players are transported into “Limbo”, a large nominal space filled with rapidly falling debris. Dodge all three levels of fast-moving obstacles as you fly over Limbo to not only re-enter the Battle Royale, but potentially return to the battlefield with a “blessing”.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Life out there is tough for a little jelly bean. Trip, dodge, and overtake this fast-paced, high-stakes platformer and race against up to sixty other players. Survive each mini-game round and be the first pea to cross the finish line to win your very own Crown.

What makes Fall Guys stand out from other games of the same genre is that in this Battle Royale you’re not trying to cross a rapidly shrinking “circle”. Instead, the danger comes from more and more difficult mini games and their obstacles. Not to mention your stiff competition, looking for the perfect opportunity to sabotage you.

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top legend

With so many Legends to choose from, Apex Legends is one of the most versatile action shooter gameplay experiences available. This is the perfect Battle Royale for anyone who loves the loot and high speed of Fortnite, but might aspire to take on a more distinct role on your team.

Do you like to attract the aggression of your enemies and rush into the fight? Maybe you prefer to stay on the edge, scout for enemies or prepare to defend? Or perhaps you just want to be helpful to your teammates, providing loot, health, or protection. With more than twenty legends already on this ever-growing list, each with their own unique set of skills, chances are there’s at least one Legend that you’re bound to click.

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